Prince of Wales (チャールズ皇太子)がロンドンビジネススクールの学位を取得されることとなり、St James’s Palaceにて、学校関係者とともに授与式が行われました。



On Monday 23 May, London Business School awarded the Prince of Wales an honorary degree in a ceremony at St James’s Palace. Joined by 100 guests, including members of our faculty, business leaders and academics, the ceremony was performed by Sir John Ritblat, chairman of our governing body.

The degree celebrates the outstanding work of His Royal Highness and recognises his dedication and longstanding commitment to business and corporate social responsibility, a cause which has gained widespread acceptance in the world of business over the decades he has been its champion.

Our School seeks to have a profound impact on the way the world does business and His Royal Highness has sought to galvanise business leaders to look at and to do things differently, to tackle social and economic problems at the same time as developing flourishing businesses.

His Royal Highness encouraged us to continue to raise awareness of such issues: “This is where business schools such as yours have such a vital role to play. Should you succeed in successfully building sustainability and an understanding of resilience into the heart of future business models, then the effect could be quite simply transformative. This needs leaders who can think systemically, who are willing to challenge the status quo where necessary, and who will inspire and encourage others to drive not just incremental change but transformational change too.”

こうしてアルムナイとなったチャールズ皇太子ですが、果たして、同僚として気軽に接してもよいものでしょうか (そんなわけないですね)。

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